Greenalls Band was originally formed in October 1964 by Charles Fradley, from two secondary school bands he had started in Haydock and Ashton in Makerfield. The new band was called the Haydock and Ashton Youth Band. A committee of the young players’ parents was formed which ran the band and helped raise funds. In 1965 the band entered its first contest in the youth section of the Preston and District contest on Blackpool’s South Pier, but did not feature in the prizes. The following year they returned and won the youth contest. This marked the start of a three year period where the band won first prizes at every contest entered.

In 1975, the band was offered a three year sponsorship by Greenalls Whitley Brewery. They changed their name to the Greenall’s Champion Band, later changing it again to the Greenalls Brewery Band, and finally to the Greenalls Band with the closure of the brewery in 1998. The sponsorship was to last a little longer than 3 years, and only ended in 2000 with the closure and sale of the company. The band are now self supporting, but chose to retain the name Greenalls Band.

The band have competed, and won prizes at, many contests since its formation, and have also been a regular participant at the World Music Contest held every four years in Kerkrade, Holland.

Since the death of Charles Fradley in 1976, conductors of the band have included Malcolm Brownbill, Desmond Waites, Jim Pearson, John Hudson, Gordon Clough, Trevor Halliwell, Howard Bousefield, Andrew Jones, John Ludden,Karl Stott, Phil Boardman,Jay Hall and the current conductor Russ Prescott .